Key West Inns, Hotels & Resorts Terms & Details


Application Fee: $2,000 (if property inspection is required)

Initial Fee: $12,000 (terms available)

Combined Royalty & Marketing Fees: 4% Gross Room Revenue

Key West Inns, Hotels & Resorts is a unique leisure brand that provides exceptional value to today’s traveling public. The Key West brand is for hotel owners who are looking to convert their hotel into a franchise brand that has a low cost of entry and highly competitive terms. Key West Inns, Hotels & Resorts even offer optional customized Key West themeing packages designed to make you stand out.

The Key West brand offers one of the lowest fee structures in the industry.  Everything mentioned above is coupled with a cutting-edge reservation system, strong consumer marketing programs, and a commitment to fairness and understanding, which makes Key West one of the best choices in franchising today. Welcome to a true “franchise-friendly” brand!

The Key West brand offers three tiers to represent all property types.


Key West Inns

A typical Key West Inn has an average size of 50 to 100 rooms. Typically, it does not include a restaurant and bar.

Key West Hotels

A Key West Hotel competes in the mid-market and brings exceptional value to its customers. Most Key West Hotels are full service and provide a restaurant, lounge, meeting rooms and other guest related services. A typical Key West Hotel is interior corridor and mid-rise to high-rise with approximately 100 to 175 rooms.

Key West Resorts

A Key West Resort is a quality product that has an immediate “wow” factor and competes in the high end of the mid-tier sector. A Key West Resort is designed for the ultimate vacation experience. Typically these properties are 150 rooms or larger, full service with restaurant/bar, meeting facilities, swimming pool, health club and other elevated brand standards and service amenities. Most importantly, these properties are reserved for true resort locations.

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